HyperCube – A Cube that’s Hyper

HyperCube – A Cube that’s Hyper

3D Printing… when I first stumbled upon it, I had that URGE.  MUST HAVE ONE!  So I waited til the pricing and technology that supported it was less geek and became more mainstream.  My current 3D printer has been great in a number of different ways, namely the learning process, the design, the concepts and the software it runs on.  Whilst it’s given me an enriched understanding of the whole black art that is 3D printing… what it hasn’t done has been consistent in print quality.

As always, with getting into something new, my own understanding was not anywhere near good enough to be able to evaluate the different build ideas.  I went with it because it was entry level and cost effective.  Does that make me cheap?  Possibly.  But I now have a much greater understanding of the processes involved in building a great printer, hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish that with my existing set up and the design of the HyperCube.

I stumbled across this series of build videos on youtube, and figured… I can do that!!  So without further ado, here’s the first in the series of Build Logs for the HyperCube.

The majority of the chassis parts can be bought in the UK, which is great because that’s where I live haha!

The other parts I’m going to be buying from BangGood, my favourite Chinese superstore!!

I’ll be cataloguing the full build on the site, for now though I created a build materials calculator, if you wanna join in 😀


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