Line in the Sand

Just a quick update with my line in the sand.  So far… T16 2 litre turbo injected engine with ancillaries Gearbox – stripped Brake and clutch ancillaries removed Seat box and floor panels removed Existing gearbox and engine ready to remove – ideally want the gearbox out to make 1 decent one from 2 ok-ish ones Wheels – powder coated

Air Rifle Targets

So whiling away some time during the summer, I got to watching the 10m Air Rifle Target event.  The shooting itself was inordinately boring, I’m sorry folks that love to watch it… but for me it was worse than watching someone else watching paint dry. BUT something did pique my interest, and that was the targeting system.  I’ve spent the

Let’s be Appy

Bit of a delay on new posts… it’s been the Summer, yaaaaaay!  And on the whole our Summer here in the North East (UK) has been pretty good.  Not too shabby all in all. So I thought I’d take a bit of time to reflect on an amazing bit of software written for various devices that I find myself using again

Eachine EV800 Video Out Mod

There’s a few ways to do a bit of FPV – First Person View.  Essentially, a camera is mounted on whatever you’re controlling remotely, then the video signal sent back to you and shown on a screen to give you the experience of piloting whatever it is that you’re flying / driving / whatever. So the price of goggles has

XBox One Bluetooth Adapter

You’re probably here because you followed an outdated link. I’d love to be able to support this mod, however, I no longer have the time to deal with queries regarding the mod. The build videos are still available on my YouTube channel, left there for historical purposes for you, however this is the step by step.

Harvesting Laptop Batteries

I had a couple of old laptop batteries knocking about for a few years, the laptops long gone (except a couple of bits that I’ve already managed to keep – a screen : the subject of a future mod in particular). I’d been intending stripping the batteries down for a while to harvest the individual cells out, and finally got