Shooting and BSA Introduction

I don’t remember a time in my life where fire arms and shooting haven’t played a part in my life. My childhood in the ’70’s as an Army kid meant that I was immersed in the knowledge that they existed, albeit that they were there for a reason.  A lot of my memories included some form of fire arms, including shooting Browning 9mm pistols and Sterling sub-machine guns at open days in Cyprus to moving on to a military boarding school and shooting Martini .22 target rifles and lugging about Lee Enfield .303 rifles in CCF (Army Cadets).  I loved range days down at Lyde and Hythe ranges where we went én masse to shoot at targets.  School was all very amusing, we were issued with ’37 Pattern webbing so it was all very Dad’s Army attire with puttees galore.  You were posh if you managed to get hold of ’58 pattern webbing!! When I left school I joined the Territorial Army (I think they’re just known as the reserves now) and the transition to the FN originated SLR was like eating garlic bread for the first time.  I could field strip and assemble the SLR in under a minute, no mean feat back in the day!!

Over the years I’ve shot all manner of rifles and machine guns, including AR15, SA80, LSW, L96A1 (my favourite!!), AK74 to name a few.  I even did a stint in woodsball (scenario) paintball and that fed a certain desire at the time.

In the last year or so I’ve moved on to air rifles, in particular I am currently focusing on what was a BSA Ultra SE (at least that is what I bought!!).  I bought the rifle second hand for not a great deal of money.  Fired what air it had in the cylinder, then the tinkering bug got the better of me.  What does it look like stripped, where could there be improvements made to make it fire better and be more efficient?

So, over the last 6 months or so I’ve been faffing about with that.  This post is more of an introduction on some articles coming up to chronicle the changes and improvements that (in my head) have added to the platform and make it “better”.  I’ll also be looking at shooting affiliated subjects as an off shoot to tide over the winter months!

Game season has just started here in the UK, so I’ll certainly be hoping to get out and get a few feathered game items over the coming months!

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