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Bit of a delay on new posts… it’s been the Summer, yaaaaaay!  And on the whole our Summer here in the North East (UK) has been pretty good.  Not too shabby all in all.

So I thought I’d take a bit of time to reflect on an amazing bit of software written for various devices that I find myself using again and again. Namely Pushbullet

So why is it so amazing?

Let’s take a scenario, I take a shot of something on my phone.  Yaay, I have a photo.  Which is all well and good, however, my LG G4 takes MASSIVE resolution photos.  I used to use a photo hosting website, can’t even remember the name but I know it wasn’t photobucket (just never got my head around that site).. flickr, that was it.  But a couple of years ago they changed everything and made it REALLY difficult to share photos.

So, opening the app on my Android phone (it’s available on iOS / Windows too!) means I can send an image to any of my registered devices.

Here’s how it looks on my phone

Now this image, because I took a screen shot and pushed it to my Surface is also available as a link, so I can share it on forums, here, by email, etc.  (you can find the image here)

Logging into my PB account also means that I can access my images from ANY web browser enabled device (unless I’m in North Korea or some other country that prevents free access to the Internet of course!)

Here’s how it looks on my browser (Chrome currently, as Edge doesn’t allow certain features to be installed and Firefox seems to not want to play recently :()


and then the exact same thing on my Surface Pro…


Pretty nifty so far!

Well, it gets better, not only can you share pictures, with your own devices, you can also share files upto 25MB, use your PC to reply to incoming texts on your phone, share with other pushbullet users, all using the same app!  And it’s available on the most popular platforms and devices, including Blackberry!! I didn’t know anyone still used a Blackberry lol.


I am contemplating upgrading the the pro at $34 a year, but to be perfectly honest, at the present moment in time I’m getting everything I currently need from the free version.


If you’ve never used it and need to share files, images, etc… I strongly recommend this one!

You can get the relevant links here at Pushbullet

Disclaimer : I am not being paid for any of the above, they’re my own observations and views!

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