Eken H9 Lens Mod

I bought an Eken H9 4K Ultra HD action camera from GearBest a little while ago.  I never intended to use it as a full blown action camera as I have a GoPro 3 for that side of stuff.  I bought it to use for activities where I didn’t mind if it got totally trashed.  On my Quadcopter, to use as a scope cam on my rifles, “dog view” cam and the like.

It’s a very cost effective package, at just over £31 for the camera and a heap load of accessories.  You seriously could not want for any mroe straps and clamps to be able to fix this thing to literally everything.  Anyways, I realised that the lens has an IR cut filter bonded to the inside of the lens.

This makes it pretty useless to use at night with an IR torch, as the cut filter is designed remove IR to make day time video and photo’s prettier.

I found a YouTube video showing the removal of the cut filter.  Perfect!

So I was chomping away at removing the cut filter… and BAM!  Brain wave.  The thread size for the lens looked very similar to a lens I already had.  A 1 minute scurry to my workshop and it’s a fit.  With no filter.  Perfect!

The thing to bear in mind with this mod, is that the day time colour hue will be off.

Here’s the image prior to changing the lens.


The following two photos show a couple of variations of the lens at differing zooms.  The pink hue is due to the removal of the IR cut filter.   The first one was focussed on the stick plant thing in the foreground.  The second on the hall in the background.

FHD0008 FHD0006

Now I’m not overly bothered about the purple hue, as there is a specific reason for wanting to remove the IR filter in the first place.  To use with IR Illumination.

So, without further ado, here’s the camera in a dark place… with me turning my IR torch on and off


You’ll notice in the pictures below that I have cut off the raised section that surrounded the original lens.  This was necessary with the lens I’ve used to make it a proper fit.

So, to test it all out, I dragged out my scope mount.  It’s just an ebay job, and a bit shakey, however it does allow me to work out the lens relief for the scope I’m using to make something a bit more fitting.  Please excuse the photo quality, my phone camera is playing up and not saving pictures properly.  I had to use alternative means 😀

WIN_20160513_23_46_54_Pro WIN_20160513_23_47_13_Pro

The little black camera holder screwed onto the scope mount seen in the above photo is included with the Eken.  See, I said it came with every clip you could ever want. 😛

Finally, here’s a preliminary clip with the above setup and IR torch.  Apologies, I was juggling a torch and the scope combo above, so the video quality is a bit shakey… but you get the idea.


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