Welcome Back

WoW… what a slog that was.

So it took 3 days longer than I’d have liked to get back up and running, the delays were down to “life”.  In other words, I had stuff on and the weather has been grand recently.

But, I’m back now and have a load of new stuff lined up.

The site has made a slight change in direction to the last time that you were here and I will be primarily focussing on the following topics;

  • How to’s – Whilst I won’t be doing full how to articles like I used to, I will be providing a summary of anything that I put up on Instructables so get yourself over there and registered if you haven’t already.  It’s a plethora of really cool (and some wierd) projects.
  • Reviews – I will be continuing to review stuff that takes my fancy, but I’m going to limit them to JUST outdoorsy and tech stuff.  I have a few lined up already, starting off very soon with a back pack I just received through the post today.
  • Lifestyle – so you probably already know, I love tinkering.  So I’ll be continuing on with that side of life.  From sewing to 3D printing to just adapting “stuff”, it’ll be coming to you soon.

As always, any thoughts about the site, feedback and wotnot feel free to get in touch;

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