Mechanix Wear Coyote Gloves

I have some brilliant neoprene shooting gloves that I got from my wife as a gift.  Fantastic for cold weather work, not so great in the summer.  So I was on the look out for a pair of cheap gloves for air rifle shooting.

I couldn’t find the style I wanted that would give me the fine motor dexterity (picking up small pellets with my finger tips!) for shooting, so decided to grab myself a pair of Mechanix gloves… in Coyote Tan.  I’m so sad, I love Tan lol.


The fit is OK, I’m a large 7 sized hand.  These are an UK size 8, so a little big for me.  I’m going to try them on a boil wash and see if they shrink a smidge!

Modifying them to use for air rifle shooting is a simple affair.  It involves cutting the psuedo leather on the inside of the fingers with a pair of sharp scissors to create a slit where you need it.  You can see in the above picture that I have drawn a line with a biro at the crease of my index finger, you probably didn’t notice before now 😀

It’s then a simple case of folding the finger lengthwise and slicing across the finger along the pen mark.  I’d advise taking the glove off first haha.


Voila, trigger finger now exposed to feel the first and second stages without interference.


I did the same to the left hand for both finger and thumb, allowing me to be able to grip pellets if I’m shooting my IGT (posh version of a springer)


The beauty of doing this yourself.  You can place exactly where you want the cuts.  Not an option on presliced gloves!  I’ll perform an update in the future as to how I get on with them.

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