The internet is a wonderous place, with information abound.  Sometimes that information is easy to come by, sometimes a product’s quality is questionable.  This page of links to services, suppliers and other sites is personally endoresed by me at the time of their insertion to the list below.

Stefan vaka AGS Customparts – I’ve had Stefan make a couple of things.  His work is top notch, and beyond the items in his eBay shop, he’s very accomodating to make custom parts at reasonable rates.  He lives in Serbia, but that doesn’t stop him from delivering a very fast and accurate service.

Line of Sight Shooting Group – This closed facebook group covers all aspects of shooting in the UK allowing members to directly interact with each other.  It’s not a brand supported site, so no matter what you shoot… there’ll be someone else out there with a joined interest.  Becoming a member allows you to enter the regular competitions, supported by some big brands and businesses.

Air Gun Forum – well, it’s a forum… for air guns!  Whilst not particularly directly aimed at the UK, the experience of the folks there is predominantly UK based.  Have a question about your rifle?  This is the go to place for it.  Unlike facebook and ebay, where you cannot buy / sell rifles, the classifieds section is a vibrant fast moving hub of trade!