He Escapes From the Black Hole

Wow, over a year since I did anything on my blog!! WTF!!

Anyways, a load has happened since last I was, but now to get back into it.  Basically everything on the site has been on hold since last January, life got in the way, but I’m back now.

Couple of things I will be addressing in the near future, the HyperCube calculator for one.  I got waylaid with the whole 3D printing thing for a while, waiting for parts to arrive and I just lost interest.  That’s now back on.

I recently purchased a Series 2a Land Rover – it’s nearly as old as me.  So I’ll be chronicling the adventures of Arthur too, including some musings along the way.  He is VERY much a long term project, I’ve wanted one for over 30 years when I drove Landys in the Army.  I was super tempted to get a Lightweight, but frankly, I wanted a hard top and lightweights with a hard top look crap.

Anyways, here he is

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