Eachine EV800 Video Out Mod

There’s a few ways to do a bit of FPV – First Person View.  Essentially, a camera is mounted on whatever you’re controlling remotely, then the video signal sent back to you and shown on a screen to give you the experience of piloting whatever it is that you’re flying / driving / whatever.

So the price of goggles has dropped dramatically over the last couple of years, and although I’d love to have a set of Fat Sharks, I just couldn’t warrant the expense.  So the Eachine EV800 goggles fit the bill nicely.  They’re a no frills set that offer some pretty swish features for a low price.  They do NOT however, allow you to record the video that you’re receiving…. until NOW.

I decided to hack about inside and see if there was a way of getting the video feed out for recording.  This post takes you through the process if you want to do the same.

Tools and Gear Required

You’re going to need the following;

  • Eachine EV800 FPV Goggles (obviously!)
  • Soldering Iron – with a little bit of solder
  • Cross head screw driver – to take the goggles apart
  • JST Battery plugs, only one set of male and female needed for this
  • 3.5 mm AV socket – I used a board mount one as I had one, but you could use any type you prefer to suit your video leads.  The ones linked are 5 pole… and there’s 50 :O
  • Drill or other hole making implement to stick the socket out
  • Glue to secure the socket in the case – I used hot glue, but 2 part epoxy would work… or what ever you have – MilliPut?

So I chucked together a short video to show you the what’s and why’s.

So quite straight forward really and on a small bit of soldering needed.  The biggest challenge is making sure you connect the JST on the 3.5 mm socket to the right pin to get your video out.  Now this is going to depend on the specification of your AV cable, so you may need to have to do some investigative work to figure that one out – or indeed a bit of trial and error 😉




BREAKING NEWS!!!  Eachine have produced a more padded face seal.  I’ve just ordered one.. £1.61 delivered to the UK  I’ll let you know how they work out when they arrive 😀

EVEN MORE BREAKING NEWS!!  Michael Whalen has improved on the mod further with the Gen2 Goggles (the ones that feature video in) to incorporate a contained DVR recorder into the setup.

You can find it here