So I got some brick dust on my Pebble Time Steel yesterday, not a problem, it’s proofed to 5 ATM (so about 50m) give it a rinse in some water… and there’s bloody water in the screen!!!!  Leaked dammit!


So, I get in touch with Pebble’s support, and frankly they were superb.  All the details sorted within a few minutes, and now just waiting to hear back what the status is to see if it’s covered under the warranty.  I genuinely was just asking advice, see if a local watch dude could do it, but hey we’ll see what happens 🙂

Then AT work today my LG G4 just decides it’s not going to work anymore.  Turned itself off and won’t come back on, even with swapping batteries, trying resets, nothing.  Completely dead.  So off to LG tomorrow to get repaired under warranty!!

Suppose I better dig out a camera, portable sundial and a pigeon for sending emails for the next month!!

Grrrrr…. Bloody Sod and his Laws!


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